Took The Beast to his first puppy class at Petsmart...Wow...who was I kidding? He was the only dog in class that needed to be there (on medication). Either he needs meds or I do. 
So the Trainer brings out the Bitter Apple spray (dogs are suppose to hate it) and let all dogs smell it - All of them are disgusted by the smell except The Beast, he proceeds to lick it off the trainers hand! Everybody laughs and I am of course mortified. They chuckle and call him "Marley". What? Didn't see the movie and I won't be seeing it anytime soon. Hmm....
 How can you tell if a dog is really "just a puppy" or needs intervention? He is at the Vet right now being neutered and micro-chipped ..hoping it slows him down a bit. 
Everyone says that all Labs are like that when they are puppies- he will be great in two years! What! 
I can only hope I last that long.