Fruit Tart

I was challenged by my auntie to make something low fat, and low sugar! Well my first thought is, "Sure I can".... but it has to taste like regular stuff!
This was such an easy and beautiful dessert that I knew she would love it and be able to make it.
I have made this tart over and over with the same reaction. It does have a WOW factor. When I give them the recipe they are always surprised how easy it was to throw together.

Fruit Tart

1 Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheet (usually found in refrigerated pie crust area)
1 bx (3.4 oz) Jello Instant Banana Cream instant pudding (can use sugar-free)
1/2 c of cut up strawberries
1/2 c of cut up bananas (toss with lemon so they don't turn brown on you)
1/2 c of cut up grapes (I usually use kiwis for a more vibrant color)
Cooking Spray
Add some blueberries for color and apricot jelly for your shine.

Pretty simple so far right? After your pastry has thawed out a little, spray cookie sheet before you start building.
Trim off almost an inch all around. Just cut yourself off enough to build sides of tart up. I usually cut all the way around twice.
Using your cut off scraps place them around on the edges of your tart, building it up. Pinch sides to keep walls together. It will look like a little box (flat box).
Take a fork and poke hole all over pastry and sides, so it doesn't puff too much. Bake at 400* for about 12-15 min. until golden.

While the pastry is cooling down, make your pudding according to directions on box, set in fridge for later use. You can use any flavor, the variations are endless.
Chop up all your fruit in same sizes . Line up your ingredients and start building!
Spoon in your pudding to top and add your fruit. You can arrange it horizontally or vertically whatever pleases your eye. I also brush the whole tart with a little melted apricot jam to give it it's shine.

*A pizza cutter is the best way I've found to slice this tart up.