Pizza Bubbles

Wanted to make something different today for the kids. Just a snack but add a salad and it could be a dinner.

Pillsbury Grand Home Style Biscuits (8 Big Biscuits)
1 lb ground beef
Sm jar spaghetti sauce ( I used Paul Newmans)
1 C shredded cheese ( I used an Italian blend)
Parmesan Cheese
season to taste
Preheat oven  to 350* Spray a round pan with cooking spray and set aside. Cook ground beef and drain, season with salt and pepper, add your pasta sauce and the cup of cheese.
Open the can of biscuits and flatten each one with you hand into small disks. Spoon a mound of your meat mixture into the middle of each biscuit, seal the edges shut and fold into a round ball. Place each one into the prepared pan seam side down. Give them a little space between. (You will have some meat mix left over.) Sprinkle each bubble with salt and parmesan cheese.
Bake @ 350* for about 15 min until golden brown.
I put a big spoonful of meat mix on the plate and add a Pizza Bubble and sprinkle with cheese. My pizza lovers in the house had two each. I am thinking you could even use shredded chicken or ground turkey in place of the meat.
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SnoWhite said…
delicious -- that's my kind of treat too!
shopannies said…
I love this recipe and so do the teens we have made it several differnt times
This is like the world's most awesome sloppy Joe, but with a twist. I absolutely love it. I'm putting this on Bandwith's To Make list.
Sounds like something easy and something the kids would love!

susan said…
l love things that start out with premade dough! This might be a good tailgate recipe!
ButterYum said…
This sounds like something the kids would love to make. thanks!!
Mary said…
These sound awesome. I know my grandson's would adore these. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.