Glutten Free Cake Mix

When you have a glutten sensitive person in your family it's hard to find baked goods that are well.....that are GOOD! I have dabbled here and there but we usually end up with some gritty,dry, tasteless concoction. I was surprised to see Betty Crocker has ventured out with a glutten-free cake mix. I had to buy and try it. They do have other flavors available too. Anyways it's Big Daddy's birthday and I wanted him to have a cake so we tried it. The verdict is was..... unexpectedly good (with frosting) :) 

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Kristen said…
I have a friend with Celiac's who had the same problem finding tasty desserts. How great it is that the "big guys" are starting to make gluten free things. There are so many people these days who need them. Thanks for joining What Did You Bake Today.