Caramel Chocolate Pretzels

Just going through my stash of ideas for Valentine's day. Has anyone else tried these? Hummm...mine are not picture perfect but they taste good. The kids will gobble them up. I think I will try the "Rollo" and "Turtle" ones later. I will post pictures later if anyone is interested.
These are super easy, just preheat oven to 170º and set up pretzels on parchment paper, add a caramel and put in oven. Mine were done in about 3 minutes - just check on them. Remove and press caramel with finger (they will be hot!). If they squish easily them take them out and press chocolate kiss onto each caramel, when it softens up add your m&m's or pecan half. Dress them up and pack them off to all your sweeties. 


what a delightful idea. I have been thinking about making some dark chocolate covered cherries,
strawberries and pretzels, but these would add a lil bit of difference to the pretzels. They look very pretty, and I want one
NOW! Thankfully, I have a bag of dark chocolate covered pretzels I bought at publix, so they will have to do I guess, maybe I will add some caramel ice cream topping to them!! Now I am gonna have to go try that!! lol
You have a great day hon,
and thanks for sharing that cute
and fun recipe.
Blessings, Nellie
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