Oreo Pops!

I know we are all scrounging around for valentine treats to give out to teachers and friends so I thought I'd share ours. Please don't make yourself crazy - go to the grocery store and buy a package of Oreos and a package of chocolate melts. The white craft sticks are everywhere too. Michaels, Hobby Lobby and some grocery stores. That's all you need!
Gently slide lolly pop stick into Oreo between each cookie wafer - add a dab of melted chocolate to "glue" stick if needed. Melt your chocolate according to package directions and take your cookie on a stick and using a spoon coat the entire cookie. Set them on wax paper, sprinkle with decorations and put in refrigerator to set. When they are done, wrap them up and pass them out. 

Happy Valentine's Day!



Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
結婚生子 said…
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what a great idea!!
They look great and I bet they
tast even better.