Coffee Brownies

Ummm, coffee.... 
I have been on a coffee kick lately, anywhere.... any time. The entire family loves coffee, de-caf for the kids of course (gotta be careful with them you know :) I've been waiting to make some brownies but I was kinda tired of the same o thang. So yes I had to go there! I decided to add coffee to my mix and see how it worked out. Well.....these were perfect for this house. I might be packing some up as "thank you's" for some of our friends that have been so good to our kids. They will love them.

1 bx of Brownie mix
1/4 c strong coffee
2 eggs
1/4 c veg oil
cooking spray

Mix everything according to package directions, just substitute coffee in place of your water. Spray pan and bake. When you take them out of oven spread your creamy marshmallow on top of brownie. Let cool.

jar of marshmallow cream
strong coffee

Mix until smooth and spreadable, spread on top of brownie layer. Let set and then cut. Yum! Perfect with a cup of coffee:)


Tardevil said…
Sounds good, and the icing doesn't sound very fattening. Have 1 (or 2) for me! :)
MrsJenB said…
I just love chocolate and coffee together! This looks great!
Melinda said…
Marshmallow cream and coffee - brilliant idea for a frosting!
This is simple recipe that looks divine. Although I am not a coffee lover, both of my grown daughters would gobble these up.
Those look yummy! Brownies are one of my favorites!
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This is genius! I dearly love coffee, and when I'm working on the next book, I will need caffeine any way I can get it. Can't think of a better way than brownies!
Sherry said…
Now that is a great idea. I love coffee and brownies.
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