Little Picnic Cakes

My little one loves picnics and tea parties.These are perfect for both. I fell in love with these immediately and really couldn't wait for a pound cake to bake ya know? I have a picnic to plan. 
Well, I bought a pound cake at the grocery store and went to work. Just slice up the whole loaf, like thick bread slices. With each slice I was able to cut out a small circle and medium sized circle. You can use any shape you like but I wouldn't use anything too detailed. You are trying to save time remember?

The icing was just as simple. I used canned creamy frosting, put some in a microwaveable bowl and zapped it. Just until melted - about 8 seconds for me.
Lay all your circles on a cooling rack, place wax paper underneath for easier clean up.Using a spoonful of your melted icing, spoon over each circle letting it run down sides. You can use a little butter knife to guide it to cover sides completely. Let them set and put rack in refrigerator to completely harden.
If you want to layer them, just add a little frosting to "glue" them together. Decorate them as you like. They are not perfect but she won't care:).
Super cute and so easy. Bring a thermos full of cold milk, you'll be glad I warned you.


Stephanie said…
My little girl would love these!