Happy April Fool's Day!

Couldn't let the day go by without doing a little something for April Fool's Day. Simple easy of course. Cupcakes..

Using your own recipe for meatloaf and mashed potatoes just bake your meat loaf in muffin tins. When they are done, pop them into cupcake liners and pipe on your cooked mash potatoes. Sprinkle them with parsley flakes. Who am I kidding? Didn't fool any of the kids but they did think they were cute AND they ate them up!



GREAT!!! idea. THANKS!!! for sharing.
Maria said…
You are a cupcake genius!
Maria said…
ps... I'm following and have added you to my side bar... Ever since your popcorn cupcakes Michael Lee raved about on Facebook, I've been looking out for cupcakes! Yours are AWESOME!
I don't want to miss a post!
Happy Easter to you! ~Maria