Sugar Fairies

I wanted to practice decorating some cookies today so... yep I did it! I didn't let my dough chill like I should have. These spread so much I thought I'd be decorating Sumo wrestlers!
Oh well, I used the cookies anyways. I used this recipe here. I thought they were cute, a little fluffy but, still cute :)

Enjoy the party @


Natasha said…
These are so pretty! I know what you mean about taking shortcuts-I learnt the hard way that the cookie dough needs to chilled before you shape it and bake it!

Best wishes,
I loved your lil angel cookies, they were so beautiful. I wouldn't want to eat them they are so pretty.
See I would probably have to dry one of those and shellac it and hang it on the wall or put it on a plate in my china hutch, then I would eat the rest!! lol
Have a great day hon, and mexican fried icecream is the best! Haven't had it in quite some time.
My version is to use a great tasting vanilla icecream and then put honey and cinamon and lots of pecans on top. It's easy and yet it tastes very similar!
Blessings Galore you creative foodie you!!