m&m meringue cookies

I love meringue ... made for cookies, for cakes, and in all flavors - luckily so do my girls. My little one has a super crush on m&m's, so of course these caught my eye. They were extremely light, crisp on the outside and airy and full of chocolate on the inside. Make a couple of batches because not only are they easy but seriously addicting!

2 egg white (room temp)
1/2 c superfine sugar
1/8 tsp cream of tartar
1/2 c mini m&m's 

Mix egg whites on medium speed with mixer until frothy - about 3-4 minutes. Once they become frothy and form peaks, add your cream of tartar, then slowly add superfine sugar( I use superfine because it dissolves faster than regular sugar but you can use either). Next add the egg whites to sugar mix and beat until they form stiff peaks. Now gently fold in m&m's with spoon.
Preheat oven to 200º. Lightly grease baking sheet and sprinkle with sugar or use parchment paper. Using a spoon, heap a large tbsp of "batter" onto your cookie sheets, separating by about 2 inches.
Place in oven and bake for about 45minutes. Take out of oven and let cool - I left mine to set up for a few hours. Now... try... just try.... to eat just ONE!
Had to add something else to Michael's party, go check it out!


Cool combination! I love M&M's and I use them in a lot of my cookies!
Maria said…
WoooooW! These do look addicting... especially considering that the only fat is from the chocolate! Wow... these look like a MUST :o)
They're so pretty too...
Maria said…
ps... have you ever seen the mini M&M's in "theme colors?" {like holidays or just pinks, etc?}
gnee said…
These cookies hold a sweet surprise...I just love the pop of color. Thanks for a fun idea!