Just wanted to let everyone know about my disasters last night. First of all, I am always on the look out for interesting, slightly off recipes. I will try anything once:) Well except these "Cherry Coke Cupcakes". Bleh I say!! Sorry about the pictures but, I chunked the whole batch!

I found a recipe for cupcakes made with a box of cake mix and 1 cup of cherry coke! Yep that's it! Well....I not only tried once but twice The first ones puffed up, then deflated. The second batch never even fluffed a little, even when I gave them a cherry in the middle. Different recipes, times, etc. Has anyone tried this cake and coke deal? Let me know where I went wrong.

Oh well I am getting back on my bike later and will have a tasty treat for you....I hope....fingers crossed...No, really :) 


Avril Miller said…
I had a baking disaster last night too....I made a Black and White Banana Bread - it looks fabulous going into the oven but then when I cooled it (possibly not long enough) 1/2 of the bread came out while the other 1/2 stayed in the sad! I was looking for a "slightly different" recipe as you too like and it was a flop! I feel for you!
Julie said…
I think it's great when people post their disasters as well as their successes. Keeps blogging like real life.

I made your Root Beer Chicken last night. I will be sharing the recipe sometime in the next few weeks. It was a keeper.
Gypsy Heart said…
So sorry about your mishap. I have no idea...I know there's a chocolate cake that you use coke in but haven't tried it either. I'll look forward to the next recipe though! The banana split ice cream pie looks delish ~

Those just made me laugh... mistakes can be great for that... as long as you don't have a table of guests waiting--- but then there's always pizza. A good attitude is the best seasoning!
nani said…
I have made cakes this way quite often...I used diet soda however, and I always add an egg white. It was a Weight Watcher thing :) They are always pretty "gummy" and best cut with a plastic knife. I have never tried them as a cupcake for that reason. I think my favorite combo was a white cake with diet orange pop...topped it with fat free whipped cream and a couple of mandarin orange slices :)