The Michelada

I didn't get many pictures without my lovely camera but, I did get one of a drink that you need to try. We HAD to go to Mi Tierra for lunch down in the market and had one of these. What is a Michelada? The Micheladas are a spicy beer cocktail popular in northern Mexico and all over Texas. It's like a bloody mary beer mix. The drinks name is derived from “mi-chela-helada” or “my-cold-light beer“. On a hot day, this is the perfect mix. Here is a recipe I found online. Try just might replace your Bloody Mary.
salt (any coarse salt will do)
cubed ice
1 lime, juiced
1 (12oz) bottle of Mexican beer (we had Corona)
1/2 tsp Tabasco sauce
1/2 tsp Worcestershire or soy sauce
3 oz Clamato
frosted cold glass
Cut one lime in half. Use one half of the lime to juice the rim of your frosted glass. Place the rim of the glass in a saucer filled with your coarse salt. Press the rim into salt so it builds up. Fill the glass with ice, and squeeze half of the lime over your ice. Add Clamato and sauces to taste, just a couple of drops will usually do the trick.
Pour beer into glass over the ice, lime juice and sauces. Stir well and enjoy!