Twilight Party!

Just sharing some pics from little ones Twilight Birthday Party. It was fun and exhausting. We had Red Velvet cupcakes (Team Edward or Team Jacob), Blood Straws, Edward's Cold kisses, Jacob's Kibbles, and of course Blood Water. They had a great time.


How creative and fun! Would liked to have been invited!
Jason said…
Oh wow... I HAVE to show my daughers this! They will love the team Jacob cupcakes!

The "straws" were funny!

Super job!
Jacqueline said…
Oh, I wish I had done this for Eclipse. Your cupcakes are so clever and I love your blood straws. I am going to have a couple of Edward cupcakes (based on the book) but maybe a Jacob cupcake (based on the movie)!
Erin said…
Very cute! I love the blood straws. I haven't seen those before!
I have given you the Sweet Blog Award!
Jerri said…
What fun ideas! Very creative!