Popcorn Pops

Are these not the cutest? I know you've all done popcorn balls or Rice Krispie Treats and these are kinda like those. I just stuffed them into plastic cups and stuck in lolly pop sticks. You could even use those craft popsicle sticks. The kids are gonna love these.

3 Tbsp butter
2 c mini marshmallows (plus extra)
3 c popcorn
1/2 c chocolate chips
6 (5oz) plastic cups

 Simple easy. Pop your popcorn and set aside. Lightly spray your plastic cups with cooking spray and set them aside too.
In saucepan over low heat melt butter and then add marshmallows. Remove from heat and pour over popcorn, add chocolate chips and throw in some marshmallows too. Now gently stir until completely coated.
Using buttered hands, pack them into prepared cups and insert pop stick. Pack them in tightly. I then added marshmallows while everything was still sticky.
Let them set up. This made 6 (5oz) popcorn pops.
It's Foodie Friday over at Michael's!!


Avril Miller said…
Absolutely the cutest pops ever!!!!! I'm so impressed with your popcorn creativity! :-)
My son would like to know if he can move in with you. He would make a great taste tester!
ButterYum said…
I can honestly say I've never seen chocolate popcorn before. The kids will LOVE it!!

Erica said…
OMG!!! My daughter will love these. Happy foodie frday!
Erin said…
These look so good. Forget my kids! I want to eat them!!!