It's homecoming time here in Texas. It's a southern thing....a crazy, century long tradition for high schoolers. High School Football is big here and so are the mums they wear. Homecoming dates exchange mums on Homecoming Friday, so If you've got a female highschooler than you know all about them. These mums are usually very elaborate corsages (or garters for boys). They are usually made with a fake chrysanthemum surrounded by ribbons. Long streamers in school colors, decorated with trinkets that are hung from mum to personalize it. Anything goes - I've seen them big, bigger and biggest. They are usually worn on Homecoming Friday at school (tomorrow), to the game and to the dance. My son's girlfriend needed one and I foolishly agreed to try to make it. OMG! Here it is - she loved it. That's all that counts. I just hope the weight of it doesn't hurt her back, or trip her up, or get caught in a moving car, or God forbid rip her dress off..... :) Believe it or not, mine is not even that big.

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Hi Mickey,
That is cute!! I never heard of that before, but I am sure she must have loved it. Does have a bit of stuff on it I would say. Good it's not a wrist corsage!! lol
Hope you are doing well.
Blessings, Nellie
Wow! I am impressed!
You did a wonderful job!
Love it, You did a GREAT job!! When I was in High school I made my Dates' Garters. I even have all of my Mums from back in the day! We never did wear them to the Dance, but in school, and to the Football game of Course!! I just Love Mums--and it truly is a Texas Thing. I've lived all over, and no one has a Clue what I am talking about when it comes to Mums!!