Last Minute Valentines Ideas!

I know it's just a day and a half before the big day but if you are looking for stinkin cute, easy simple then you've come to the right place. I am always on the lookout for little cute ideas. I saw these Pop Top Valentine Cans that everyone's been making so I knew I had to try to make a couple too. Go check out Erin @
         Making  Memories..One Fun Thing After Another 
she has a great little tutorial over there. I followed her simple steps and just made it our own (By the way Walmart sells a similar can opener for cheap). They are so cute huh?

This next one was too easy to pass up. My little diva recently gave me this idea. You can't get any easier than buying some CD sleeves and popping in a store bought cookie or other treat ( I used some Whoopie Pies I made). Add some stickers.... an individual  little goodie that she can hand out to each of her friends.

This is my last lovely for Heart Day. Another simple craft that can be done on machine or by hand even. You can use vellum paper, wrapping paper, wax paper or even cut up paper bags. Cut out your shape, sew all edges except leave a small opening for filling. Fill with small candies and sew it closed. I told you they were easy, and I don't sew. Use your zig-zag stitch and no one will see your shaky hand :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Kerri said…
I love those heart shaped whoopie pies and the individual vellum bags...he kids will be so lucky! :)
Rhondi said…
Very cute ideas! These need to be on this Valentine's Party linky:
sorry about the lonnnnggg comment!
The Alchemist said…
I love those whoopie pies in the cd holders, great idea!
What great ideas. They all looked wonderful.
Erin said…
Thanks so much for linking back to us! Your cans look great! And I love your whoopie pies and your valentine pouches. How cute are those?!?!?
Anonymous said…
I love the little sewn up heart shaped packages! Will have to remember this one for next year!