Mini King Cakes

The Mardi Gras season has started but we won't be there until next week.... can't wait! In the mean time I wanted to make some Mini King Cakes to show you. Some bakeries are actually starting to sell the mini ones, even though the big ones are more party friendly :) I love the idea of a mini one! Cute aren't they?
1 can refrigerated cinnamon rolls 
powered sugar
food coloring
edible glitter
 Spray a cookie sheet and set aside. Preheat oven to 350º. Open can and take out each individual roll to separate. Take each roll and unroll it to full length. Fold it in half, twist it up and pinch ends together to close and form a circle.
Place each circle on prepared cookie sheet but don't let them touch. Place in 350º oven for about 20 minutes or until golden and done.
You can prepare icing while they are baking. I just used powdered sugar, food coloring and a little milk. Mix until icing is the consistency and color you want. Let cakes cool a little before icing. Drizzle your colors and glitter to your hearts content :) Add a little plastic baby for a lucky someone - I just push him in through the bottom after baking.
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Rhondi said…
These are too cute! I'm getting excited about going also.
Zoe said…
very attractive cakes!
These are so fun!

I'd love to have you share this recipe with Sweet Tooth Friday!
This is a really cute idea. I have a friend that sends me a king cake from New Orleans every year, and it always makes me smile.
Amy said…
These mini king cakes looks so festive! It's nice to make them in minis...hehehe....Perfect way to portion control, and I think anything in minis are super cute.