Butterfinger Cupcakes!

Been wanting to make some peanut butter/ chocolate something and really didn't find anything that I could send to work with Big Daddy. I decided to make cupcakes (yes cupcakes again) I really wanted something quick and still fun and yummy. Check em out :)
  1 bx German Choc cake mix
1 can Choc Frosting
creamy peanut butter
bag of mini Butterfingers (crushed)
Make your cupcakes according to directions and set aside to cool. Find yourself a decorating bag and fill it up evenly with peanut butter and chocolate frosting - I put PB on one side and Choc on the other and it just blended together when it came out.
 Using the end of a wooden spoon, I poked a hole in each cupcake and squirted in PB/Choc frosting into each hole. I went and added more after the frosting had settled a bit. Now frost them with your canned frosting and dip them in the crushed Butterfinger bars.
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Erin said…
Oh my gosh! These look delicious! I love Butterfingers! What a treat!
Unknown said…
I zipped over here when I saw "butterfinger" one of my favorite candy bars ever! These cupcakes are amazing!
Lisa said…
Ooohh, I definitely want some of those.
Holly said…
Wow do these ever look delicious and gooey!!:)
Penny Pincher said…
These look so good. I'm tempted to run to the store now to get the ingredients!
Meg Johnston said…
These look incredible! My little brother would love these :)
Candace said…
I cannot imagine a more fabulous tasting dessert! I am saving this recipe to make. Yum!
Rhondi said…
Butterfingers are one of my favorites too! I could eat one of these for breakfast right now.
Marina said…
They look fantastic!
Oh yum! These sound wonderful.

I'd like to invite you to share this recipe with my linky, Sweet Tooth Friday. I hope to see you there.
Wow! Butterfinger cupcakes. These look sensational.
Wendy said…
Oh my, these look amazing! We LOVE butterfingers and chocolate cupcakes! Never thought to marry the two together....going to make this ASAP!
Thanks for sharing :)
Suzy said…
Whoa...so yummy looking and totally 70s Reese's peanut butter cup commercial material. Hey you got your peanut butter in my chocolate. Hey you got your chocolate in my peanutbutter! :-)
Tessa said…
They look like they are oozing chocolate and peanut butter. I bet those were a hit at work!
Mary Bergfeld said…
Mickey, these really look delicious. They are also irresistible and I wish I'd never seen them. They are just too tempting and my resolve is crumbling. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary
OMG...I'm definitely making these as soon as I can!

Thanks so much for sharing!
How scrumptious! Thanks for linking up with me last week!
Anonymous said…
I'm going to make these for my mom's birthday tonight! thanks!