Strawberry Angel Dessert

Kathy made this over at TK and really made me wish I had some "Grandma" recipes. Such a sweet memory, I want more grandma recipes :) It was perfect timing too with this Texas warm weather starting to kick in....nice, light, cool....AND easy!
1 sm Angel Food Cake (10oz)
1 bx Strawberry Jello (6oz)
2 c boiling water
1 lb frozen sliced strawberries in juice, partially thawed
1 c cold water
1 container Cool Whip (as much as you like)
Chop up angel food cake into small pieces and cover the bottom of a 9x13 glass dish.
Pour hot water into jello and stir until completely dissolved, then add cold water. Next add your partially thawed strawberries - break any up that are still frozen together.
Gently pour over the chopped up angel food cake pieces. Using the back of spoon, push down cake pieces so it soaks up jello mixture.
Cover with plastic and refrigerate until jello is completely set. Slice into squares and top with Cool Whip if you like.
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Just Cake Girl said…
That looks soooo yummmy :))))
Maria said…
Perfect recipe for the summer I'm predicting!
Here in the northeast, it was a moist winter... lots of snow...
I'm hoping I'm wrong, but if the moisture moves into the warmer will be another Hot and Humid summer.
This recipe will surely cool us off!
Putting this one in my "recipe folder."
ps. Can you believe it's been a year since my daughter's wedding shower?!
I still love reminiscing about my cupcake tiers ~ thanks again for the inspiration!
pss. My son, Jason, is in the process of moving to Austin! He just got his first BIG job since he finished college. He and his dad are just across the border into TX tonight ~ and will be arriving in Austin tomorrow morning! 29 hours in a packed car!
Jennifer said…
oh wow!!! Could that look any tastier?!?!?!
Just found your blog and LOVE IT! I went through pages and pages and I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING! One of my new favs!
Lisa said…
Mmm, this looks so refreshing and light, perfect for spring.
Yum - this looks like the perfect recipe for warmer weather! Great dessert!

Thanks so much for linking up.
andrea chiu said…
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