It was Little Ones birthday yesterday and I was asked to do a cookie pizza instead of a cake :(  Wow.... Oh well....that's what she wanted........ a cookie pizza cake....fortunately it's SUPER easy and I just threw it together. She loved it.
Super easy. 
I used a 9" springform pan
 large roll of Pillsbury Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Mini marshmallows
Line springform pan, go up the sides a little to create edges, bake until done. Fill with marshmallows and preferred candies. You're done.


Raina said…
Yum! This looks great:)
Lisa said…
Happy birthday to her! Tell her she made a good choice.
Avril said…
How fun! Perfect for the kiddos...I know my 5 yr old would just drop to the floor with happiness if I made this treat for her!
Anonymous said…
My two year old loves cookies and frosting. So, for her second birthday I made the recipe for chocolate chip cookies on the back of the Toll House chocolate chips and then just put the whole dough into one big cookie on a pizza pan and baked according to the bars instructions. The I frosted it. We were having her party at my aunt's house, so I stopped a local pizzeria and asked for a pizza box to put it in to travel. It worked perfectly!