Homecoming II

It's that time again. Homecoming. As some of you remember, I made my first Homecoming Mum last year (it's a Texan thang...maybe Alabama does it too ) and made the one for my son's girlfriend this year too.  The first homecoming mum I made had both school colors and things that represented each of their hobbies and talents. This year I stayed with school colors, dates, etc but wanted to add something they both have fond memories of. Nothing could top Harry Potter World this year. So I added the Slytherin school colors, snakes, owls, eerie green colors and of course Harry Potter's owl. I think she will love it (She's a huge HP fan) - not too big not too small. She looved it!

Seriously, some of these mums are so big and distracting that they stay in the locker the whole day. In comes the "new" thing.....a homecoming ring. How cute huh? I made this one so she wouldn't feel left out of the craziness. It's just like the mum but small enough to slide on her finger and wear during the day.
Now I can get back to baking ;)


Anonymous said…
Hello! I apologize for the belated comment since your post was 2 years ago...but I love the owl on that mum! I'm also trying to make an owl mum this year and was wondering if you could tell me how you made the owl face and what materials you used (if you still remember). Is the mum altered to make the round owl face?

Thank you!
Mickey said…
The owl was made with a fuzzy wired kind of ribbon I found at Michaels, I just twisted it into a oval shape.The eyes were buttons I threaded a pipe cleaner through, then stuck them through oval shape. The little beak I hand drew and glued in place. Then I just parted the mum and hot glued the "owl" into place. I hope that helps :)