Christmas Cupcakes

Time for Big Daddy's Town Hall I put together some cupcakes for him to take. I will try to post recipes later, just wanted to share the pics. Made about 60+ of 3 different kinds.

Mocha Cupcakes -The mocha one was chocolate cake mixed with strong coffee, topping it with coffee buttercream and dusted with cocoa powder. I made these little snowflakes by piping some melted white candy bark onto some foil and sprinkling edible glitter on each one. 

Peppermint Cupcakes - Made a peppermint one out of white cake with peppermint flavoring and peppermint frosting inside and out, rolled it in crushed candy canes and topped it with a peppermint kiss.
Spice Cupcakes - These were a spiced cupcake with chocolate cinnamon frosting, sprinkled with some chopped pecans.

The best one I found  in the refrigerator after kids went to bed. I think Little One was worried there might not be any left over for her. :)


Anonymous said…
I love your blog what wonderful food your prepare. Couldn't find any tags or search fields or an email to contact you. Wanted those 7-Up biscuits and found finally.
Lisa said…
I love how someone felt they just had to save themselves a cupcake. Judging from how good they look, I'd probably do the same thing.
Avril said…
Goodness Mickey these cupcakes are out to this world gorgeous! I love ALL three of them and can't wait to see the recipes that go with the pictures.
Andrea V said…
yum yum yum@ I can't wait for the recipes :)
Thanks for your fun visit and I'm sure your cupcakes for your beloved Big Daddy were a B*I*G hit!

PS Tell Taylor I've held a good thought for her and the cupcake.
How lovely! One looks tastier than the other.
Mary said…
I'm sure these were appreciated. They really look delicious. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary
Erin said…
Your cupcakes look wonderful! So festive.
Anonymous said…
i tried your buns with bisquick and sr cream with 7 up, but htey did not look like your pic, they wee more like drop biscuits, was I missing something??