Pickled Pink Eggs

 I wanted to make something for Dad for Easter and really didn't want to go sweet - hard to believe I know :) He's getting up in his age and I really wanted to make something that would make him smile.
I am sure this jar of pickled eggs will bring back many memories for him...... sitting at the bar with a few beers and many friends....it's gotta give him a sneaky little smile :) Now you can use all of those leftover boiled eggs.
* They made him laugh 
6 sm eggs
3 c beet juice
1 c apple cider vinegar
1/2 c sugar
1 onion, thinly sliced
Pretty easy from here. Boil your eggs and set aside. In another pot boil your beet juice, vinegar and sugar, then add your sliced onions. Peel your eggs and place into container covering them with beet juice mix.

*Cover and store in refrigerator. In about 2 days they will be pink but I think they absorb all their flavor in about a week.
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How were they? I love pickled beets, and I "may" be brave enough to try these ;)
Mickey said…
Mindy he loved them. I have also seen them "pickled" in a jar of peperoncini pepper juice. They are suppose to be tasty :)