Watermelon Granita

This weather calls for something cool today! I have been wanting to make ice cream but just didn't want to go through the whole process so I had leftover watermelon and decided to try something new. It was a easy experiment so..here you go.

Watermelon Granita
4c of seedless watermelon
1 sm can of sweet condensed milk
1 pkg of Jello Gelatin (watermelon flavor)

Puree your watermelon,( I strained mine because I didn't want ANY pulpy stuff and to catch any small seeds) then I put it back in blender and add condensed milk and dry Jello. Mix well in bleneder. Pour into a freezer safe dish and freeze overnight.
I used a ice cream scooper because it was soft enough but you can use a fork to get that "granita' texture.
It was cool and refreshing.
Let me know what you think.


charlotte c. said…
just made this for company and they loved it. the kids went back for more twice...