Easy Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

1 can of refrigerated Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

1 c Pumpkin Pie Filling (add whatever spices you like to your taste) I always add more cinnamon,nutmeg,sugar, etc

Like I said this is so so simple. I am sure you can make it from scratch - but not with a girl scout troop under your nose. When my kids have a sleepover I like to get the kids a quick breakfast as they are getting out the door. This is quick and easy.
Open your can of rolls and unwind them, slather on pumpkin pie filling and roll them back up. See, no big deal. For the icing I just put half into a small bowl and added a couple of drops of yellow and red food coloring (next time I will just use the leftover pumpkin filling for a more grown up taste) and just ice as usual! I did make "normal" ones for those who "hate" pumpkin! What! Hate pumpkin! Oh well add a big glass of milk and some fruit, feed them and they are good to go (and I mean that as nicely as I can) :)

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These sure look good and I love how easy they are to make!
girlichef said…
How awesome! I definitely want to try these :D
karen said…
These look great!!! I sure wish someone out there would figure out how to do the canned cinnamon rolls gluten free because I would be making these all the time! I'll pass it on, though, to my gluten-friendly family :)
Sure wish I had one of those right now with a cup of coffee! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
Ricepatty said…
Those look so tasty who doesn't LOVE pumpkin. Thanks for the great idea.