Paper Pumpkin Bags

Are these not cute? My girl scouts will be passing out goody bags at one of our neighborhood retirement centers this month, so I have been going back and forth with how to bag candy for this. I looked high and low for ideas but found nothing. Martha did a paper bag broom (goody bag) but it was too much, and I just didn't want to put goodies in a plastic goody bag either. This just came together and I love it!

I started with orange paper napkins and opened them up. I filled them with some Halloween candy and gathered the top. I used some raffia  ribbon and tied the top closed, leave ends on it so you have "vines" on your pumpkin. You will have a big "stem" so I just trimmed it down for a more natural look. Using your floral tape wrap your stem - remember to stretch it as you wrap so it sticks to it's self. I finished it by wrapping the hanging raffia around a pencil for it's curly tendrils. Now you just tear them open to eat!

Now on to the hard part of making 93 of these  :)


These paper pumpkin bags are so cute. I think I'll take your idea and make some for my grand-daughter 1st grade class. I will only have to do 30, not as many as you have to do. Happy 1st day of October. Geri