Peppermint White-Chocolate Popcorn

This is it! I mean it! This is the last gift I am making....really. Just needed a little something to fill small treat bags. I do not remember where I saw this but it was from one of you :) Please let me know so I can give you credit. It is simple, but can be prettied up if you need it to be. I wrapped it two ways but it can easily be dressed up in a pretty silver tin with a nice ribbon.

1 bag white chocolate chips
2 bags microwave popcorn
crushed candy canes (about 1 cup)

Simple,easy, you know how to do it. Crush Candy Canes in ziploc bag and set aside. Pop your popcorn and put in it a large bowl, Sprinkle crushed candy over popcorn. I put popcorn in a single layer in a long baking pan with sides. Melt your chocolate and drizzle over popcorn/peppermint mixture. Gently stir it up to coat popcorn. Let set and harden. Break it up and keep it in airtight container.
It's Foodie Friday, go check it out! Michael's pictures are gorgeous, and look so goood!
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capperson said…
This sounds extremely yummy. I hope I get to try this in the next week. :)
Marilyn said…
YUM. EASY! I think I can get this one done BEFORE Christmas!! Thanks for sharing!
I dearly love this idea--and it will be a great one for other holidays, too. Promise you'll do a FF post for Halloween gift bags...or Valentines...or Easter...July 4th. One recipe, endless possibilities. This is just wonderful!
Sweet wishes,