S'mores Pops

My little one is having her Girl Scout Christmas party after school today. They are not exchanging gifts but she wanted to give them a treat. We found this little recipe that worked perfectly. S'mores on a stick! Have you ever met a scout that didn't love S'mores? Me either. We made them and wrapped them in small plastic bags, tied them up with ribbons - they are so cute. I'm sure they will love them! 

1 bag large marshmallows
1 pk semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 pk graham crackers (9 long/large crackers)
lollipop sticks (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby but, you can find them at Michaels or in the cake aisle at the grocery store)

Begin by pushing sticks into marshmallows-the flat end, not round side. Push and twist until they are secure and almost to the top (don't go through)- set them aside.
Take your crackers and crush them in a ziploc bag, pour them into a small bowl.
Next, heat your chocolate chips on a double boiler or melt in microwave. If using microwave stir and check chocolate every 5-10 seconds so it doesn't burn.
Take your marshmallow on the stick and dip it into the melted chocolate. Shake it off a little and roll the tops and sides of marshmallow into graham cracker crumbs until they are coated.
Set on wax paper to cool and set - about an hour. Repeat. When they are set you can wrap them.

 Make them for a adult party, I promise they will be one of the first things to disappear!
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Thanks so much for linking these up to Monday Munchies!
One of my friends at work made these for our cookie/candy exchange at work today except she covered them with colored sprinkles instead of the gram crackers - excellent holiday treat either way! :-)
jenjen said…
Those are so cute! And they look so festive all wrapped up! Thanks for linking up!

Amy said…
Very cute, very easy, not expensive. I will for sure make these!
Nanna said…
what cute iidea to make with kids, thanks for sharing!they look yummie too!