Crawfish Dip

My family from New Orleans was in town and the Saints were playing so they were my excuse to try out this recipe for Crawfish Dip. The cupcakes were just regular chocolate with regular frosting all dressed up for the game. The dip was a hit..completely G.O.N.E 

 You could use crab or shrimp if you wanted but we love crawfish so I kept it as it was. This dip is best made with leftover crawfish from a boil, but you can use frozen crawfish that you buy at the grocery store - I did.

1 - stick real butter
1 - lg. onion chopped
1 - bell pepper chopped
1/4 tsp. garlic powder or 2 cloves minced
handful of chopped parsley
fresh ground black pepper
6 - 8 drops hot sauce
Cajun seasoning of your choice
1 - lb. crawfish rough chopped

1/2 c  Italian -blend shredded cheese
8 oz. Philadelphia cream cheese

In a large saucepan melt butter then add onion and pepper. Sauté on a med-low fire until soft. Add everything else except cream cheese and cook stirring frequently for about 10 minutes. Cut cheese in about 8 chunks and add. Fold mixture to allow cheese to blend in well. Taste and add seasoning as needed. Pour into pie plate and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Add buttered bread crumbs to the top and baked in a 350º oven until browned.
Makes about 3 cups.
Note: If using crawfish from the store add about a 1/4 tsp. crab boil.
Serve with your favorite dip crackers or toast.


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The dip sounds great! I wish I could crawfish where I live ;)
Alexis AKA MOM said…
I wish I liked crawfish, looks yummy but those cupcakes so could do those :) LOL

Stopping by from TMTT
Brenda said…
We don't do a lot of crawfish out here in the west, but I bet it would be good with crab as well.