Marshmallow Oreo Strawberries!

The weather outside is gloomy, cold and rainy. I know I will stay indoors today..maybe even read a book on the couch..yeah right. I wanted to make a treat for the kids when they come home from school today, it's Friday! Yeah! Humm.....something fun and happy! 
I was going to do chocolate covered strawberries but nah, too close to Valentines Day. This is what they will find when they get home. The way these flavors taste together is incredible!! They will fly off your plate, so make plenty!

fresh strawberries
jar of marshmallow fluff
chocolate Oreos

So simple. The fluff is too sticky to dip. Just spread it on your strawberries with a butter knife and dip strawberries into your crushed Oreos. Ta-da! These were so good, you're gonna fight for the last one I promise :)


Mary said…
The kids are going to love them and you :-). Have a wonderful Foodie Friday.
Tiffanee said…
Looks so delicious! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. As for the caramel rolls. You do not need to refrigerate them at all. Pour the sauce over top and then bake. Hope this helps. You have some very delicious looking recipes! Can't wait to try them!!
Now THIS is pure genius. The berries not only look delicious (and I know they are), you have invented something totally unique.
Thank you for another outstanding recipe.