Blushing Mimosa!

I don't wanna wait until Easter for a Mimosa!! Especially when I can make one in about 5 minutes. I can even substitute the bubbly with Sprite and let the kids have one! The classic mimosa is equal parts oj and champagne. In this recipe, the pineapple juice and grenadine add a little flavor and a blushing of color.

2 c orange juice (not concentrate)
1 c pineapple juice, chilled
2 tbsp grenadine
1 (750ml) champagne or sparkling wine, chilled

Mix oj and pineapple juice together and set aside. Pour champagne into your pitcher, then add your champagne oj mix.  Add your grenadine (I use enough to give it the color I like) and stir it up. Pour into your flutes and garnish with a strawberry, pineapple or orange slice. Makes 6 cups.