Cakewalk Cupcakes!

Ok ..the cupcakes I am doing for cake walk are more about a look than a recipe. I asked "THE" boy for his opinion and we agreed - let's make a cupcake that will call out to a teenager! Something different but still tasty. You will have to agree that there might be a couple of adults standing in that cakewalk to grab them up. These are my first group, I am still working on some. Don't worry, I will post the rest tomorrow. I will try to get recipes down tomorrow too. Aren't they cute?


These cupcakes are absolutely adorable--they're edible art. I am dangerous (and plain awful) with icing and I dearly love seeing other people make magic with it. The popcorn box is like a Limoges box--just beautiful. I love them all! You are so talented, girl! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Tardevil said…
They're too cute!
Maria said…
I stopped over after seeing Michael Lee's comment about your cupcakes on facebook!
She is SOOOO RIGHT! They are fabulous... The peeps one I must show "my girls" {daughters and nieces} all in their 20's but love the little peeps at Easter!

The popcorn cupcake is spectacular!
I can't wait to find out how to make it! Enjoy the CAKE WALK!
Aren't they cute? They are adorable! I love the popcorn cupcake...I am so amazed what we can do with cupcakes.
(and when Michael Lee West says they're cute...well..they ARE cute!)
I was wow'ed by all of them..
Bama Belle said…
The popcorn look like the ones from Hello Cupcake. The step by step book to all the cutest cupcakes ever. I love her popcorn cupcakes. Is that where you got this? I have made her "life preserver" ones. if not here is the link to the book I think there is even a second one out now
Anyway, GREAT job! I love them
Stephanie said…
They are adorable! I especially like the one with the peeps!
~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said…
This is Brilliant! Such sweet cupcakes.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~
Pinky said…
I came over after seeing Michael's comment on FB too. These are so spittin CUTE!!! The popcorn one is amazing! You have a real talent here!!! XO, Pinky