On The Mend!

Hello everyone! Sorry about the break but, this house has been on lockdown with influenza! I am just getting around with a little help from antibiotics - thank goodness for those! 
This week I have to start baking, we have a Spring Fair for "The" boy's high school this weekend and of course I said yes to bringing some goodies to the Cake Walk. I want to do a couple of different batches. I have a couple of ideas for some really neat cupcakes - I will post them later this week.
Hurry up Spring!!!!


Good Morning MonsterMama,
So sorry to hear you have sick, and hope you are feeling much better.
Guess you had better be with all those goodies to bake. Look forward to seeing them.
Don't overdue and get a relapse now!! lol
Blessings hon,
Thank you for stopping by! Sorry to hear that the flu gotcha!
We had it here before Christmas and it took 3 weeks to feel normal!
I feel I have been baking so much lately with the HS play and Sports Night!
Your casserole sounds great! I'll follow so I can come back and "look" around!