Popcorn Cupcakes

I used the recipe for cupcakes and frosting below. I made cupcakes, chocolate and yellow ones, and made frosting. I had several small bowsl set out to separate colors for different cupcakes. I imagine you could probably buy store bought cupcakes and save some time but, this recipe for cupcakes and frosting is my go to when I need to make good cupcakes quickly!

But everyone really wants to know about the popcorn cupcakes though. So here is: 
Simple easy - just grab your bag of mini marshmallows and cut each marshmallow in half, then stick them back together (cut side to cut side) to create your "kernel". You will need a hand full for each cake. Frost your cupcake (I used white frosting) and go for it. Cover the entire top with marshmallows - set aside and repeat with the rest of cupcakes. Grab a small bowl and add a couple of drops of yellow food coloring  and a few drops of water. Using a clean small paint brush, paint each kernel to your desired yellow. I topped each one off with a shake of yellow sprinkles. I just used craft paper and cut it out to fit bottoms, wrote "popcorn" on a small tag and taped each one on a cupcake. I am sure there are striped cupcake liners out there somewhere. I was too crazy to find them this week :) I hope this helps.



Maria said…
You are the cupcake hero of the week!
This is amazing!
Thank you ~ Have a great week ~ Maria