Candy Bouquets

The end is near...the end of school of course. One more day, and I finally got teacher gifts done! Yeah! I've made these Candybar Bouquets for showers and other occasions before and thought they would be perfect for a quick cute teacher gift.

tin pail
plaster of paris
plastic wrap
tissue paper
wooden dowels
candy bars

I found these beach pails at Target in the dollar bin and bought a couple of them. Prepare your plaster according to directions. It's really easy, just mix it until it looks like pancake batter. Line your tin with plastic wrap and pour in plaster. Let set about 10 minutes . Add your dowels (they should just stand on their own if the plaster has set up.), line them up so you will see candy when it's added. I let mine set a few hours and then added tissue in bottom of pail for decoration and to cover the plaster. I hot glued my candy bars to dowels. Some people tape them but hot glued has always worked for me. Just finish decorating them with ribbon and you are done. Pretty sweet huh?



Maria said…
Perfect gift!
I love treats like that... I don't eat them all at once, I take little nibbles {like a mouse} all week long... and make the JOY last and last :o)
Mary said…
These are wonderful. This is a great gift idea and I'm sure the teachers loved their sand pails. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary