Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites

When we were little my mom would make us these chocolate covered frozen bananas. The whole banana was covered with chocolate and had a popsicle stick in it. Remember? I loved them. I've made them since but with the kids I decided to cut them up into bite sized pieces. When those bananas are frozen they almost taste like ice cream....well almost :)

2 medium bananas
1 c chocolate chips
cocoa powder for dusting
wax paper

Set out a tray covered with some wax paper and set aside. Cut your bananas up into big chunks or bite sized. Melt your chocolate chips in the microwave at 20 second intervals until melted. Don't let it burn. When it is smooth, dip your bananas into melted chocolate and fish it out with a spoon. Lay them on your waxed paper without touching each other. Dust them with cocoa powder, you can even sprinkle them with jimmies to jazz them up a bit.
Move them to the freezer for about 2 hours or overnight. If freezing them overnight, be sure to cover them with plastic wrap or transfer them into a freezer safe container. 

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Hi mickey,
I have done that just drizzling
the bananas with chocolate and nuts
and they were great lil tasty bites.
I am gonna have to try these too! but with dark chocolate.
They look delectable hon!!
Hope you are doing well.
Style Sisters said…
Oh now that sounds awesome! We used to get Banana bars on Balboa Island in California growing up as a kid...a banana on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles or nuts. YUMMMMM

ButterYum said…
This would be a great way to use up the last couple bananas. Thanks for the idea. Happy FF.

gnee said…
As a girl we bought these on Balboa Island and they were so yummy, but they were melted and a mess by the time you got to the bottom. This is such a great idea. Whoo-hoo for bite size frozen bananas covered in sprinkles!
I love the bite size idea. This will be a refreshing treat for our summer.
Amanda said…
I love bananas and frozen chocolate, so this easy recipe was just calling my name. Already dug the chocolate out of the cupboard to make them this afternoon :) Thanks!
Lisa said…
This looks great too! I hate the chocolate banana on a stick because it's too big. But this is perfect because they're bite size!
Anonymous said…
just whipped up a batch of these, can't wait for them to freeze!