Tomato Hearts!

I had a friend drop off some home grown tomatoes yesterday. I love tomatoes and can eat them almost any way you make them. They are gone. Made these with the last few.

package crescent dough or puff pastry dough
basil pesto
italian shredded cheese

Simple easy. Cut tomatoes into thick slices then using a small cookie cutter, cut them into your shape - set aside. Now roll out your dough and using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut out some hearts or other shape, prick dough with fork and bake according to your package directions. Let them cool and smear on some pesto, add a tomato heart and sprinkle with cheese. Put them under broiler to melt cheese. Don't let them burn. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
I also made some using Dijon mustard in place of pesto..they were yummy too.


Avril Miller said…
Adorable!!!! I can definitely see myself popping those in my mouth one after another! :-)
How creative! They look tasty too!