Brown Sugared Figs over Brie

Man O Man, I am not going to win this battle with the birds! My figs are ripe and the birds are having a buffet! I did manage to grab a good bucket full of them before the mosquitos ate me up.

The girls ate some, the dog ate some and I....was left with a few.
I had a wheel of Brie that was calling my name. Threw this together last weekend. I just sauteed my sliced figs, pecans in some butter and brown sugar. Added some seasonings and a couple of dashes of Balsamic Vinegar and then poured it on top of my room temperature Brie. Served with some nice was De-lish! 


Jacqueline said…
Oh, this is looking so so yummy. I always thought the rage over figs was wierd until I had a fresh one a couple years back. It was incredible. I have done a similar dish without the figs, but this would surely take it up quite a few notches.
LindyLouMac said…
Figs and Brie sounds absolutely delicious. A french cheese so not so easy to find here in Italy but I will try I think!

Thanks for coming by my blog recently. I have answered your question over there and hope it helps. Take Care and enjoy your trip to Italy.