Still going strong! Today we went on a Catacombs tour but,
out of respect for the church and the dead you are not
allowed to take any pictures. I found a couple of images
on the internet just to give you an idea of the catacombs.
This is The Capuchin Crypt beneath The Capuchin Church.
 It is a six room crypt with over 4,000 individual monk bodies.
 Their bones are nailed up on the walls and arranged in 
many patterns and designs. Kinda creepy but really
kinda neat.

Catacombs Domitilla - 
Underground Cemeteries of the early Christians, 
located outside of city walls of Rome. Pretty dark and
 spooky but nice and chilly :)
Catacombs of Rome: Priscilla's catacomb

Catacombs of Rome: St.Calistus Catacomb

Basilica of Saint Clemente
Is a Fourth Century Basilica - a three tiered complex 
of buildings, built one on top of the other. One that 
dates from 180-220 AD. Really interesting-
love how the Romans recycled everything.


LindyLouMac said…
Creepy but interesting!