In Rome!

Our first day in Rome!! Exhausted from the trip but happy to be here. Our hotel is The Westin Excelsior It's so beautiful! 
Chandeliers in every room.

Our windows open up to let in the Italian air...nice.
 Little One was pretty curious about the bathroom and the bidet of course. Yep, I let her check it out :)

We went down to check Rome out on foot, just taking in all the cobblestone lined streets, every single ally way is beautiful. All looking like an adventure.

We mustered up all our energy and ran down to The Spanish Steps - crowded and alive with people!

So tired though, ordered room service, massage for Big Daddy, showers and off to bed....more tomorrow.


Stephanie said…
How beautiful - you meant real Rome!!!! When I was younger my uncle said he was going to Rome for lunch. He lives in Atlanta and I was shocked that he was going there just to eat lunch and then back in the same day. Of course he didn't tell me later he was referring to Rome Georgia :)
What a wonderful vacation! Hope you have a great and safe trip.