Halloween Quesadillas

I've been trying to get my Halloween menu together this week but didn't want to do Smokie Bugs like last year or more Mummy dogs....need something new for kids.
I made these today (Little One can eat them as an afterschool snack). Pretty simple - Corn tortillas and shredded cheese.

Using my kitchen shears I trimmed up 2 corn tortillas to include stem and then using a sharp knife I cut out a face on one of them. I think if I do these ahead of time it won't be a pain putting them together on Halloween.

I next just toasted the pumpkin without a face and topped it with cheese, toasted the face one and covered the cheesy face. They were easy and cute.
I made extras with refried beans and spicy chicken to take to Big Daddy for a surprise lunch today :)

Go see what's on the menu @


Lisa said…
There's nothing like a grinning lunch to put a smile on your own face when you eat it.
Unknown said…
These are so cute! Makes me wish my kids were little again!
Erin said…
These are so cute and Halloweeny! =o)
Avril said…
Ok, Mickey I am SO impressed with your cutting skills! I tried making these last year and ended up with....well....lopsided jack-o-lanterns (to say it kindly). You have encouraged me to try my hand at them again - using a sharp sharp knife!

Happy Thursday!
~avril :-)
loveandalittlexanax said…
These are so super cute and would be great for my kids for Halloween! I cannot wait to see their faces:) thanks for sharing and as it gets closer to the holiday, I'll be sure to post a link to them on my blog: www.loveandalittlexanax.blogspot.com
Isabella said…
These are cute, easy to make, and well, good to eat! I plan to make these for a Halloween party that I'm hosting - can't wait to see the look on my guests face when they see these! :)
Sophia said…
Fantastic idea for Halloween coming up. I was looking for something "different" from the normal "spider and web" recipes. This is adorable and I plan to make them for the upcoming weekend! So glad I happened upon your site.
Hi! I Love this idea! I features it on my blog! (It will post Thursday!) Feel free to grab a button if you want to!

Have a great day!

How cute is this!! LOVE it! I am featuring you over at http://sprinklesandstitches.blogspot.com/2012/10/10-great-halloween-ideas.html

Thanks for the great idea!! :)