Texas Chicken Brittle

Fritos? Yes, Fritos! Funny I know. We ALWAYS have corn chips left over from our lunch packs - well now I have something to do with them (besides throwing them over chilli). 
I know it sounds funny but I made a batch to take over Dad's on Sunday and I got the expected response......Fritos? Really?....with chocolate?.....Umm they are.... good! And they are. Make some up and let me know what you think.
Frito corn chips
chopped pecans
milk chocolate
I used a 9x13 baking pan and did a single layer of Fritos, then did a layer of chopped pretzels. Now melt your chocolate (about 4oz) in the microwave and drizzled over everything. Sprinkle with chopped pecans.
Place in freezer to harden up, take out and break into chunks. I fed them to my chickens (my sisters :) ) 
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Lisa said…
Oh my gosh, sweet and salty to the max. I wish I had some fritos right now so I could whip a batch of these up. Excellent idea!
Kerri said…
Putting fritos on my grocery list....you always have the best desserts!!
Andrea Marie V said…
sweet and salty, my fave combo. I would never think to do this, but I just might have to try it!! Looks good. I love your blog :)

xo//Andrea Marie
Cole said…
YUMMY!! I never would have thought to use Fritos that way...but it totally makes sense. :-)
Erin said…
I saw something like this awhile ago with cashews and I thought it sounded so darn yummy. Sweet and salty together - yum! I'm totally going to make this. Can't wait to see the reaction on my kids faces =o)

shopannies said…
this sounds awesome I have a frito dessert on my blog at http://shopannies.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
Your blog is such an interesting one.I came from a place where the chaos of taste in our palate is always a must.Thanks for sharing this one and expect me to come for more.I am your newest follower.
Ali said…
I've always wanted to make this. It looks delish. I think the first time I saw this it called for peanut butter cups. Either way it looks and sounds super yum. :)