Cotton-Candy Drumsticks

Yes.. I know you can buy Drumsticks at the store but, I really wanted to make them at home. I love that you can personalize them for each family member and use something besides vanilla and chocolate ice cream (like they normally come) so I thought I'd try to make them for you :)
 Pretty self explanatory. Buy your favorite ice cream, sugar cones and chocolate bark. Add sprinkles or whatever goodies you want to decorate their tops.
First, drop a couple of mini marshmallows into each cone then fill each cone with ice cream - as high as you can. Smooth ice cream out and place ice cream side down on wax paper. Put them in freezer until hard - even overnight if you want.
Melt your chocolate bark and let it cool a bit before you dip your cones. Dip each one - quickly add toppings and immediately return to freezer.
Don't you love them?
We used Cotton Candy Ice Cream and Pink Vanilla flavored bark.

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Just Jaime said…
Yum! Looks tasty!
Erin said…
These are awesome! My kids LOVE ice cream. They would love this!!!
Avril said…
Hi Mickey! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello...I was actually thinking of you as I wrote my most recent post knowing that I shouldn't really complain about the heat when those of you that live in Texas have such heat all the time!

LOVE your ice cream cone drumstick pretty and yummy!