Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Playing around in the kitchen today and wanted to make sugar cookies for little one.  I saw this cute idea over at Family Fun magazine and thought they would be perfect for her. My little one hates pumpkin pie...hates it...yuk...disgusting! I don't think she will be able to pass these up :)

Just regular sugar cookies that I iced in pumpkin orange and then piped some  whipped cream (white icing) around the edges. 
*Family Fun used pecans halves on the edges to decorate each "pie".


Avril said…
Wowsers Mickey! - those cookies are just beautiful! So beautiful I had to get my head closer to the computer screen to really get a better view of them! Gorgeous! :-)
Erin said…
Absolutely adorable!!! I have wanted to make these but mine would not look nearly as cool as yours! They are perfect!!!
Louanne said…
Adorable! I love this idea, and your icing looks perfect!