Nutella Pop Tarts

Made these for a quick snack for my middle baby who loves Nutella. Easy as pie :)
All you need is a refrigerated ready made pie dough and Nutella.  

Roll out your pie crust and cut into desired shapes, I just made little rectangles. Spread some Nutella on one side (remember you will fold it over) and wet edges with a little water, fold over, press down and poke a few holes in top layer. Using a fork, crimp all open edges closed. Bake until golden. Using my leftover scrapes I cut out little hearts, sprayed them gold and  to added them to each one. Sweet.

Bake in a 350º oven until they turn golden.


What a great idea. I've got to try that on my boys. TFS.
Jo said…
I am such a sucker for anything Nutella. I was at this SO-GOOD gourmet soup place for lunch today, and I came THIS CLOSE to just ordering off the kids' menu so I could get the Nutella and bananas sandwich.
Anonymous said…
Your kids are super lucky to have such a good cook for a mama!
Anonymous said…
At what temperature and for how long did you cook these? They look great. Can't wait to try them!
Mickey said…
Just bake in a 350º oven until golden brown :)
Anonymous said…
These look so good, yet so easy! I'm thinking of making valentine versions with a large cutter, and crimping all around the edges then piping on recipients names with white icing :o)