Sister Chicks!

As some of you know I have seven sisters, and we call each other "chickens". You know "hey did somebody call that chicken to come over?". We like it :)
I love to bring them little gifts each time I see them so this is what I am bringing them for Easter.
My M.I.L. found a batch of old antique chocolate candy molds and sweetly let me have first dibs! I chose bunnies and chickens of course.

Just melt your chocolate and fill those suckers up. Not gonna lie, I was a little worried they would not pop out. I let them set up in fridge overnight and just plopped them out onto the counter that I covered with a dish towel. I piped on some blue eyes, an orange little beak and of course - a little heart.
Wrapped them up to pass out on Easter. The chickens are gonna love them.


Avril said…
Oh. My. Cuteness!!! I adore how you call your sisters "chickens" -just precious!!! And those candy molds are out of this world sweetness...I LOVE them! I am sure all your "chickens" will just fall over with happiness when you give them those adorable little chocolates this Easter.

Happy Easter Mikey!
~avril :-)
Avril said… sorry I just mispelt your name! All of the excitement over all that cuteness got me all flustered! :-)
Erin said…
Very cute! Have a wonderful Easter!