Perfect Iced Coffee

Found this over at PW's and really had not seen Iced Coffee done this way. I think cold brewing  takes the bitterness out and give you a smoother drink. I made myself a straight up Iced Coffee...

 and then Little One put some in blender and made herself a
"Frapp". I recommend de-caf for the little Frapp drinkers :)
 This recipe is for a large batch but I am sure you can do half. With this hot weather creeping in, I love having a big o container waiting for me every morning.

1 lb ground coffee
8 qts cold water
half and half (healthy splash per serving)
sweet condensed milk (2-3 tbsp per serving)
you can use skim milk, 2% milk, whole milk, sugar, artificial sweetener, syrup, what ever floats your boat :)

In a large container, mix ground coffee with water. Cover and allow it to sit at room temperature 8 hours or overnight.
Line a fine mesh strainer with a couple of layers of cheesecloth and set over your picture or container. Slowly pour coffee/water mixture through your strainer, letting all the liquid run through. Discard grounds, or sprinkle them around in your garden like I do. Now put coffee mixture in the refrigerator to chill - I let mine sit overnight.( I found this giant container at Walmart)
To make iced coffee just fill a glass with ice, fill it about 2/3's full with the coffee liquid. Add half and half, 2-3 tbsp of sweet condensed milk. You can use plain sugar or your Spenda if you like. Stir to combine. Taste and change it to your liking.


Cole said…
There's almost nothing better than an big glass of iced coffee!
Melinda said…
Oh wow that's sounding really good about now. I'm anxious to not have that bitter taste and will try it.