Choc Chip Monkey Buns

These have been floating around anywhere and everywhere. Some people call it Pull Apart Monkey Bread and it's baked in a loaf pan but, I wanted hand held ones  so I made them in muffin tins. To make them extra yummy, I added mini chocolate chips to mine. Simple easy like I love :)

1 can Pillsbury Crescents
mini choc chips
Melt butter and set aside. Mix sugar and cinnamon and set aside too.Unroll crescent rolls and cut into triangles (small enough to fit into muffin liners but big enough to stick out, ya know ). Now just dip cut up crescents into butter then into cinnamon sugar mix.Then I just stacked them, adding mini choc chips between each layer. That's it! Bake them at 350º until tops are golden and brown. Little one loved them of course.


Erin said…
Oh my heck! Made with Cresent dough? I would eat them all. Thanks! Gonna make them =o)