Easy Kit Kat Cheesecake bars

Saw these over at Bakers Royale, and hers were so, so pretty….mine are like their ugly sisters but they still have Kit Kats in them and came out pretty cute. You will love them :) of course.
1 ½ c graham cracker crumbs
½ c sugar
8 tbsp of melted butter
Brownie layer:
Chocolate cheesecake layer:
12 oz pkg cream cheese
2 tsp Unsweetened cocoa powder
3/4 c Hershey's special dark cocoa powder
⅓ c sugar
1 egg
6 Kit Kat bars
chocolate frosting
white vanilla frosting
Heat oven to 350, line a 8x8" pan with foil (let ends hang over side)
Mix graham crumbs and sugar in bowl, add melted butter and mix to combine. Press into prepared pan. Bake at 350º for 25-30 minutes. Remove and set it aside to cool.
Chocolate Cheesecake layer:
Place ingredients in bowl and mix until smooth and blended. Open Kit Kat bars and layer them onto graham crust layer. Now gently pour your cheesecake mix over candy bars, push around to cover them.
Chocolate layer:
Simple easy - I just melted 2 heaping Tbsp of chocolate frosting in microwave, then pour it over top of cheesecake layer. Melt a little of the vanilla frosting and put in a pastry bag. Now just pipe some white lines (horizontally) across your chocolate frosting layer -make lines from top to bottom.
Using a toothpick, drag it vertically through horizontal lines. Go from top to bottom, then bottom to top. You should have a cute little design.


Anonymous said…
Hi, I cannot find the recipe for your 7 up biscuits. Would you please direct me to it. Thank you.
Mickey said…
"7Up Biscuits" here-
http://monstermama-monstermama.blogspot.com/2011/09/7up-biscuits.html :)
Erin said…
Oh these look so good! I can't figure out where the brownie layer comes in. Is that just the cheesecake layer?
Mickey said…
Hey Erin!
These bars have a graham cracker crust but I bet you could do a brownie bottom on these and double up the chocolate factor huh? :)